17th January 2018

Winter flowering flowers and shrubs unless, like Hazel catkins, pollinated by the wind, need to attract the few insects out in wintry conditions. Luckily for us, they often have a beautiful scent to draws pollinators in. Here are four lovely plants out in our garden right now, smelling and looking beautiful: Daphne Jaqueline Postill (the best Daphne I think, scenting the whole path to the house), Hamamelis Mollis (Witch Hazel), Winter Flowering Honeysuckle and Winter Iris. Picking a small posy of these also brings their scent and colours into the house in drab January. Conditions: Sun after snow, disappearing fast. Temperature: Max 4- Min 0C.

Jaqueline Postill Daphne

Hamamelis Mollis

Winter Flowering Iris

Winter Flowering Honeysuckle