15th September 2018

I seldom get the chance to feature Weasels, because photo’s are hard to get and, while not clear, these give me the opportunity. Weasels are very speedy and active, hunting day or night as they have to eat every 24 hours or starve. They catch rodents, small birds and their eggs, and even tackle Rabbits. However this one, on the cliff-top at Borth Y Gest, North Wales, decided not to tackle the oblivious sunbather it came up against! Slightly smaller than the related Stoat, and without the Stoat’s black tail tip or the Stoat’s ability to change its coat to white in winter, it only lives an average of 3 years, compared to the Stoat’s 10. Therefore, it has to breed faster, having two litters a year rather than one. The young, ‘Kits’, are able to hunt and fend for themselves within a staggering 5 weeks of being born. They live almost anywhere, including grassland, woodland, mountains and sand-dunes, like this one, but you are lucky to see one- they run off quickly.


Weasel surprised by sunbather, Borth y Gest

is a good spot near Sheffield. Conditions: Mild, sunny intervals. Temperature: Max 18 Min 12 C.