19th August 2018

Alongside the terrible tree-felling policy of Sheffield City Council, the lottery-funded, community based Manor Park project is something to celebrate- community orchard (we are eating some of the windfalls), heritage trails, sculptures relating to its earlier farms, many and varied, expansive wild flower meadows with children’s trails/play/ activities, The Rhubarb Shed cafe, craft workshops, all on the fascinating site of Mary Queen of Scots imprisonment. All with a great view over Sheffield city and easy access for large post-war housing estates and local schools. An inspiring nature-nurturing open space. Conditions: Sunny intervals and non-existent, predicted showers! Temperature: Max 21 Min 14%

Manor Park Heritage area, Sheffield

Community orchard, Manor Park

Wild flower and meadow areas, Manor Park, Sheffield

Flower meadows, Manor Park, Sheffield

9th August 2018

Plantlife reveals disturbing figures: We have lost 97% of our meadows since the 1930’s, one in five of our wild flowers are in danger of disappearing, and every county loses a wild flower every couple of years. They work hard to reverse this ‘great thinning’ and have created 90 new meadows in 3 years, and protected and restored 3,000 hectares of grassland in just one of their projects. Without our wild flowers and meadows, insects decline rapidly (75% recorded loss in a recent survey) and so do birds. Every little bit helps, from growing nectar rich plants, introducing wild flowers to your garden, encouraging settlements of all sizes to plant wild flower meadows. Joining plantlife.love-wildflowers.org.uk is also worth

Wildflower meadow

Wild Flower Meadow, Sheffield, Earl Marshall

Rich meadowland

Meadows support insects which support many birds

considering. Conditions: Showers and cool at last! Temperature: Max 16 Min 10 C.