22nd June 2018

A Leaf Cutter Bee, American research has shown, carries out 20 times the pollination achieved by a honey bee. They are some of the 250 species of solitary bee that use cavities in the ground, wood, hollow stems and bee-nesting boxes to rear their young. They are fairly easy to spot as, having no pollen baskets in which to gather their pollen and nectar, they collect it all on the undersides of their body. They work hard over several weeks, to breed young they never see: finding suitable nesting holes, they cut semi-circular portions of leaves (you’ll have seen the neat holes in

Leafcutter Bee, and a tiny parasitic wasp

Leafcutter Bee, its underside holding collected pollen

Leafcutter Bee gathering pollen and nectar on its underside.

Leafcutter Bee carrying a piece of cut leaf to its nest.

leaves in your garden or park) and carry them, one at a time, under their bodies, (see photo) to line the hole, before laying an egg in each lined tube and stocking each with quantities of pollen and nectar. Finally, they cut a different shaped pice of leaf and seal each cell with it, using saliva as a glue. Conditions: Blue skies and hot sun. Temperature: Max 20- Min 9C..