27th March 2017

Wood Anemone (Windflower) cover some woodland floors, before the leaf canopy shades it, or indicate woodland remnant by growing in patches along roadsides, hedges. They are a favourite pollen source for Hoverflies (see photo’s) and Honey Bees.. Different cultures associate them with different qualities- the Japanese, perhaps because they are poisonous, associates them with death, the Greeks with the wind god bringing ┬áspring, and the Romans with luck, believing to pick the first one and bring it indoors would ward off fever. The ‘petals’ are really sepals- usually white but often pink or purple-backed. Easy and beautiful to grow in damp shade in the garden, for early insects. Conditions: Mist burning off, sunny day down South. Temperature: Max 15- Min 7C.

Drone Fly- one of the 250 Hoverfly species in the UK

Wood Anemones carpeting Reed Wood, among the Hornbeams, Catsfield

Syrphus ribesii- a very common Hoverfly

Honey Bee feeding on Wood Anemone