16th August 2018

Coppice with standards– I’ve talked before about the value of coppiced woodland for wildlife and diversity of flowers, insects and birds and the favoured form of coppicing in Sussex was ‘coppice with standards’. As can be seen in the photo’s, the coppiced Chestnut or Hornbeam, cut in rotation every 12 -15 years for maximum sustainable wood-crops, would also always include ‘standard’ oaks, which were have been spaced through the coppice, and of varying ages. Occasionally a mature Oak would then be felled for timber, and another sapling left to grow on and eventually replace it. This management of woodland produced a wide variety of sustainable wood over

Normanhurst woods, Catsfield- coppice with standard oak.

Recently cut coppice with standard oak.

centuries. Sadly, much woodland is now left to grow too dense for light to filter in and the variety of species to flourish. New Oaks are seldom planted to replace the old. Conditions: Rain overnight in Sheffield. Temperature: Max 20 Min 10 C.