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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Penny
    Thanks for your card and letting me know about your nature diary. David Attenborough should start worrying big time! I shall put an icon on my iPad and dip in frequently.


  2. Penny

    Isn’t it about time you produced a calendar or even a book from some of your super photos and drawings?



  3. Hi Penny,
    I hope it is okay to leave a message on here. I couldn’t find an email for you.

    A friend of the project – Judy Samways let me know of your lovely blog. I have featured it in the Wild at Heart newsletter. The participants of the Nature Photography group are very interested in what you do. It is inspirational!

    Do you offer informal talks /workshops to show what you are doing. Maybe like a slide show or similar. Your pictures and local knowledge of Sheffield wildlife seem just right for the Wild at Heart project. 🙂

    Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust is running a great project called Wild at Heart.

    We have an established nature photography group that has been going for about 3 years. Wild at Heart is all about getting outside connecting with nature in simple hobby based ways. The group is easy going and relaxed. People do want to learn but it’s not a competitive group.

    You can have a look at http://www.wildsheffield.com/what-we-do/wild-heart

    It would be great to see if you are A Interested and B available to do something with the project this autumn.

    It would be great to talk to you about working on the Wild at Heart project – I know the group are keen to meet you and find out more about what you are doing.

    With very best wishes

    Jenny King


    • Of course, that sounds a very interesting project and I’d be happy to share ideas – I do give informal slide shows/chats occasionally. My email is pennyphilcox@btinternet.com so maybe we can explore it through email, thanks for your interest and encouragement. I’ve been a member of the Wildlife Trust for ages, and like the idea of the project, best wishes, Penny


  4. Penny, I have just been really stunned by your amazing website. I’m just sorry I haven’t seen it before. Much respect. Graham Jones


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