8th June 2021

Common Blue Damselfly: These past few warm days have seen the emergence of many species of damselfly, the most common one you will see on ponds and open water is probably the Common Blue. (As most of you will know, the simple way of telling Damselflies from Dragonflies is that Damselflies fold their wings when at rest, while Dragonflies hold theirs open). Having emerged from the depths of the ponds as nymphs, the adults are now on the wing. Males are blue with black markings and females are either blue or pale green. It’s a delight to watch them – flying singly and patrolling the ponds, swooping onto foliage to feed on tiny insects, or as they pair up and fly in tandem, and mate in the circular position known as the ‘mating wheel’. They will stay in the wheel as the females lay the eggs on pondweed just beneath the surface of the water. The Common Blue is to be found in many stretches of relatively still and open water, including garden ponds, wild ponds, slow-flowing rivers and canals. Conditions: the hot, dry weather continues. Temperature: Max 20 Min 9C.

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