22nd January 2020

Messy Finches- there’s no getting away Finches are messy eaters, throwing seeds they aren’t interested in out from the feeders, and rapidly ‘shelling’ the outer cases of hard seeds, spilling them anywhere, in order to get to the nutritious, soft kernels. (See both habits in the photos). However all four regular species- Green-, Gold-, Bull-, and Chaffinch, and occasional winter Brambling,  we get are well worth it for the beauty and fascination of watching them. I rigged up a special feeder arrangement by the window, which has a large plant-container saucer, hole drilled through the

Goldfinch scattering unwanted seed

Bullfinch about to shell a desirable seed

There go the unwanted bits of seed-case

Feeder contraption to catch the rejected seed

middle, lodged on the pole, and that catches most of the discarded seeds. This saves them landing on the ground, which may attract rats, and means Robins etc can land on the saucer and feed on the bits. Conditions: Grey and still. Temperature: Max 11 Min 4C.

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