12th November 2019

Goosanders on the swollen Don: as promised yesterday, here are some of the beautiful small flock of Goosander we watched on the river Don on Sunday, a couple of days after it became flooded. The waters had receded but were still in spate, and these lovely birds were riding the waves on what is usually a slow-flowing river. In June we watched a similar number of the sociable Goosander son a sea loch on Orkney but for winter they can be seen on reservoirs and estuaries, only coming south of the Humber at this time of year. Goosander are one of the saw-bill family of ducks, so named because of the

Male Goosander on the Don

Female Goosander, riding the waves on the Don in spate

Serrated edges to their bills, which enable them to catch and hold fish- let’s hope the floods haven’t spoiled the fish levels on the Don right now and that they can survive here as more rains are due over the next few days. Conditions: rain and sun, squally day, with some snow showers in nearby Stocksbridge this morning Temperature : Max 8 Min 1c.

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