30th July 2019

Great Tit: Most juvenile birds have different plumage than adults in their first few weeks of fledging, partly for camouflage, and sometimes (especially in the case of the aggressively territorial Robin) to prevent attack from adult birds, where the sight of another adult can trigger territorial battles. The paler, less differentiated newly fledged Great and Blue Tit juveniles have moulted their body feathers and some of their wing feathers by late July. It has been lovely watching these young Great Tits learning

Young Great Tit

to expertly fly in to the feeders by our window, and the extraordinarily accurate adjustments they make as they near the perches. Conditions: This July has been yet another ‘hottest ever’ month recorded, though it has cooled a little the last few days. Temperature: Max 21 Min 15 C.

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