4th June 2019

Insects are in demand, and sometimes in short supply but at Coldingham Beach on the Scottish Borders there was a mass of flies which this Pied Wagtail was taking advantage of, returning again and again to catch a bill-full and take them to feed their young somewhere nearby, in a small cup-shaped nest in a crevice or hole nearby. So many young birds need the protein of invertebrates at this stage, which is one of the many reasons the drastic reduction of insects is affecting creatures further up the food-chain. Pied Wagtails often have

Pied Wagtail collecting flies for young in the nest

Pied Wagtail witha bill full of flies

a year and both male and female feed the young. This one was catching  flies on the ground and in the air, displaying their great agility as well as their energy levels. They manage to keep hold of a bill-full while adding yet more.

Pied Wagtails catch flies in the air as well as on the ground

Conditions: heavy showers and a little sun. Temperature : Max 14 Min 9.

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