2nd June 2019

Ravens: These large Corvids can be hard to tell from Crows, especially as they are usually seen from a distance,  but there are some tell-tale indicators. They are the largest corvids by far, and have wedge-shaped tails rather than the fan-shaped tails of Crows. They croak rather than caw, and they are very acrobatic, being able to somersault when flying and Even fly upside down as they display during courtship. If you are lucky enough to be near when they fly overhead you can hear the wonderful sound of their wings beating. This one was at St Abbs Head. Like all corvids they are very intelligent and they feature largely in mythological stories, usually associated with death and misfortune. In Genesis, they are described as the first creature to leave the ark after the flood. A5A6F099-E3E8-4F8E-8640-1FF78956A14DB1C62725-DFC5-4E4B-A3A2-5098C3E70C1D.jpeg

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