19th May 2019

Blue Tits raising their young today– This is such a hectic time for adult Blue Tits. The female, having laid an egg a day for an average of 8-12 eggs will have plucked feathers from her abdomen to form her bare ‘brood patch’ which increases the eggs exposure to the warmth they need, and then sat, being fed by her mate added to by forays outside herself through the brooding period. After hatching the young Blue Tits need around a hundred caterpillars a day each. No wonder the adults being to look tattered  by the time their young fledge. I was watching this bird-box in a Sussex garden yesterday- the young bird can be seen with its ‘gape’ bill, lin

Adult Blue Tit bringing food to the nest

Adult Blue Tit leaving nest-box

Adult Blue Tit leaving nest-box

Young Blue Tit watching for adult to bring food

ed with yellow to draw attention to the adult in the dark nest to direct food into its mouth! Conditions: Dull, cloudy, warm Temperature: Max 17 Min 9C.

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