30th April 2019

The Holly Blue Butterfly– this is the most likely of the Blue Butterflies to be seen in our gardens- it is certainly flying its high, fast flitting flight in our garden again now. If you see a small, sky-blue butterfly, almost like a petal being blown in the wind, it will be the Holly Blue, as all other Blues emerge later, and fly lower. It has dark wing-tips and pale undersides, if you manage to get a close view- see the photo’s (which, because it doesn’t settle much are very hard to get!). The Holly Blue lays its eggs, first generation on Holly buds, usually in the sun, and second on Ivy. The population levels fluctuate widely, mostly due to the occurrence of a parasitic wasp, Listrodomus Nycthermerus.

Holly Blue

Holly Blue

Holly Blue

This wasp lays an egg in the Holly Blue Larva, and emerge as adults from the Chrysalis. Conditions: Sun and cloud after mist. Temperature: Max 17 Min 9C.

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