22nd March 2019

This week the Peacock butterfly has been flying in the garden, feasting on our early flowers, like Primrose and Dandelion. Only a few Butterfly species traditionally overwinter as adults in this country- the Peacock, Brimstone and Comma being the most common, which is why these are the species we see flying early if the temperatures are above 10C. However, with climate change there are more species surviving over winter as adults, including Red Admiral, Clouded Yellow and Small Tortoiseshell. If you see any Butterflies in these early months you can record them in

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock feeding on Dandelion

Primrose and Peacock

Nature’s Calendar. This valuable citizen science site is helping to record changes in the emergence of buds on trees, insects, migrant birds etc, which all helps monitor climate change. If you find a Butterfly in your house or shed take it outside, carefully, on a mild day so they can find natural food, and an outdoor site to shelter if the weather gets cold. Conditions: Mild dry spell. Temperature: Max 13 Min 5C.

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