3rd March 2019

Blue Tits are present in 98% of British gardens and at this time of year I love watching them starting to chase each other round the garden, beginning to pair up and find territories, which is why last week was national nest box week. Don’t worry f you haven’t got nest boxes up yet, but the sooner you do, the sooner they will start to explore them for nesting in Spring. The hole in the nest-box needs to be 25mm for Blue Tits, slighter bigger suits Great Tits. Garden nest boxes, and feeding, have enable the Blue Tit population to slowly increase, though clutch-size is smaller in garden boxes than in their preferred broadleaf woodland. Cats are a big threat in gardens though- 48% of recovered ringed birds have been killed by cats. They are also still susceptible to

Blue Tit

Blue Tit

Blue Tits

starvation in cold snaps, too, so providing food that is positioned to be safe from cats really helps their survival rates. Conditions: cooler with some rain and strong winds. Temperature: Max 11 Min 5C.


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