10th January 2019

Wave Breakers at Pett Levels- a recent visit back to this unusual scene on Pett Level beach, Sussex, led me to a research paper that showed the dense wooden posts are the remains of an attempt to deal with what will become an increasing problem of rising sea levels along our coasts. Behind Pett beach is low-lying pasture, reclaimed since medieval times but now well below sea-level, and breached by ingress of the sea in 1930. A dense network of ‘Wave Breakers’, wooden posts sometimes inter-woven with faggots of brush, were an attempt to reinforce and raise the shingle beach and protect the land. This approach has since been abandoned, as it was found to be incapable of holding back the rising sea. A sea wall has been built, leaving this dramatic, sculptural pattern of eroding posts on the beach.  It is clearly not

Wave breaker remains, Pett Levels

Wave Breaker remains, Pett Levels

Wave Breaker remains, Pett Levels

only me who finds it fascinating- the beach was used as part of David Bowie’s video fro his 1980 hit ‘Ashes to Ashes’!. Conditions: Still, dry spell of weather. Temperature: Max 10 Min 5C.

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