20th December 2018

Pheasants are controversial imports, though no one can deny their beauty and there are few places in the UK now where they can’t be seen. They are the species most likely to be killed on our roads. They don’t fly very well, but changes in the way they are bred may  also add to their lack of ‘road-sense’. In the 1960’s, Pheasants were wild-bred for shooting but now a staggering 35 million are bred each year, as ‘Shoots’ have become ever more popular, and these are predominantly captive bred, and released around October, ready for the shooting season. The conditions under which they are bred are sometimes worse than those for battery chicken. Their high density may



Female Pheasant

also be putting pressure on our native species, by competition for food and by spreading disease, because the amount actually shot each year is a low percentage of those bred. Conditions: Bright, showery, mild days. Temperature: Max 8 Min 5C.

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