7th October 2018

On a nature photography note, autumn mornings, when the sun-light strikes from a low angle, is an exciting time to try photo’s. Here are a few from this week, back-lit, that is pointing the camera towards the low sun. If you find the photographs are too bright, just limit the light coming in, either by shooting at a higher speed or by shooting with a smaller aperture (higher aperture number = smaller aperture), or both, until you get the contrast you are looking for. Or set your camera on ‘bracketing’ and take a few shots and choose the one you like best. If you don’t ‘do’ speed and aperture, or you just point and shoot on automatic, then point towards the brightest thing in the

Back-lit Dandelion Clock

Back-lit Dandelion Clock with morning dew

Back-lit, morning light on spider’s web

Back-lit Spider’s Web, morning light

photo, half press the shutter button and keep it pressed down while moving the camera to the composition you want. This should help reduce the glare of light in the photo. Conditions: A warm, sunny day after a cool, wet one. Temperature: Max 17 Min 11 C.

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