8th September 2018

Emperor Dragonflies, one of the largest and fastest Dragonflies in Europe, able to fly at 24mph, prefer medium to large ponds, or canals, with plenty of vegetation, which is why I could watch them at the stunning Bodnant Gardens, North Wales, this week. Reaching a length of 78mm (3.1 inches) they are highly territorial and males will fight to the death. Hard to photograph on the wing, because of their speed and sudden changes of direction,   they swoop to catch insect prey, including Butterflies, which they consume on the wing. They hardly ever perch.  This female (they have a greenish abdomen, while the male’s is bluer) did hover and land, looking for a site to lay its eggs. I

Female Emperor Dragonfly

Female Emperor Dragonfly, looking for an egg-laying site

Female Emperor Dragonfly

Female Emperor Dragonfly

Mating Emperor Dragonflies, mid-air.

also managed to get a shot, about six metres above ground, as two mated, flying past at high speed! Apart from their size, they can be identified by the way they often hold their abdomens bent downwards. Conditions: Grey cloud and occasional light rain. Temperature: Max 16 Min 13 C.

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