25th July 2018

It is time for the Big Butterfly Count, and wildlife guru’s from David Attenborough to Chris Packham are urging people to take part. It is easy- there is a phone app and identifying pictures and it matters as much if you see nothing in your 15 minute survey as it does if you see a lot. I was lucky to see these male Common Blue Butterflies at the weekend, which shows what a small patch of wild flowers can do, as there were several other species in a small garden patch. Round the corner, where an industrial site has pulled out a species-rich verge and hedge, there was devastation-

Common Blue

Male Common Blue

Male Common Blue

Male Common Blue

where once I saw 40 Common Blues at a glance, I saw two. Every wild space counts. Common Blue caterpillars exude a sweet substance which attract ants, which then deter predators- such evolutionary finesse. Conditions: Still dry hot days with crops and vegetation visibly damaged. Temperature: Max 25 Min 14 C.

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