6th May 2018

Little  volcanoes of mud in your grass or soil? Then you have the  beautiful, non-stinging Tawny Mining Bee, the easiest mining Bee to identify. The smaller, browner male mates and then dies. The female digs the deep hole, with several branching tunnels. In each separate cell it stores pollen and nectar, laying a single egg on top of each larder. The egg hatches, feeds, pupates, and emerges as an adult next spring. These solitary Bees pollinate fruit trees and farm crops. The ‘volcanoes’ soon

Tawny Mining Bee nest

Female Tawny Mining Bee

Female Tawny Mining Bee

disperse and, like the Bees, do no harm. Conditions: the third sunny, hot day. Temperature: Max 23 Min 8 C.

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