23rd April 2018

Lots of wondrous Dark-edged Bee Flies in the garden and area at present. These gingery mimics of Bees are completely harmless to us and use their long probosces to sup nectar, often while hovering near the Primroses, Forget-me-nots etc they feed from. However they are harmful to ground-nesting Bumble Bees. Bee Flies roll their eggs in sand or dust, maybe to camouflage them or to make them heavier, fly low over the ground searching out Bumblebee nests, and flick the eggs into the nest- holes, where they hatch and parasitise the Bees’ larvae. You may spot Bee Flies hovering a few feet above the ground, looking out for nests to parasitise, changing direction at vast speeds, only to hover again. Conditions: cooler with cloud and sunny intervals. Temperature: Max 14 Min 10 c.

Dark-edged Bee Fly

Dark-edged Bee Fly

Dark-edged Bee Fly

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