14th December 2017

Some insect and extinction facts to fascinate and depress: Insects have been on earth 1,000 times longer than humans. In the first week of November this year 95 new species of beetle were identified in Madagascar alone. In what is being called the ‘sixth extinction’ many will become extinct before even identified, and at a precipitous rate. As well as extinction, there is devastating reduction in populations: recent studies in European nature reserves recorded a 75% decline in insects. Insects are crucial in all food chains, in pollination, in ‘cleaning up’ dead plants and animals- in many more ways. They have been overlooked in all conservation projects, in favour of more ‘cuddly’ creatures further up the food chain. Here are a few local, overlooked insects

Noeeta pupillata

Shield Bug

Scorpion Clearwing

. Conditions: Wet and dreary, to match the blog!. Temperature: Max 4- Min 1C.

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