31st August 2017

Red Bartsia- this unassuming little plant that you can find growing low, often scarcely visible, on grassland, margins of tracks and waste ground illustrates the extraordinary intricacies of evolution, as well as the vulnerabilities of interdependent species. Declining through pasture improvement and loss of unkempt spaces, it is semi-parasitic, partly feeding off grass roots, but one small bee has evolved to feed off it- the Red Bartsia Bee. Red Bartsia’s use in the past to treat toothache gave rise to its Latin Name: Odontites Verna. Now I know about the bee I will look out for it! Conditions: Occasional showers. Temperature: Max 18- Min 11C.

Red Bartsia

Red Bartsia


2 thoughts on “31st August 2017

  1. We saw a Common Blue butterfly on this plant on the Southern Cumbrian Marshes and were wondering what the plant was a we had never noticed it before.
    Jane & Colin


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