22nd July 2017

Purple wild flowers– the jury is out as to whether purple and mauve flowers really attract more pollinating insects, and they see colour so differently to our eyesight, as they extend into the ultra violet spectrum,  but there are certainly many purple wild and garden flowers out at this time of year. Here are some wild flowers to watch out for, some of which we have in the garden, others which are common in towns and the country hedgerows, riversides, and wood edges. They attract so many hoverflies, bees and butterflies, it is a joy to study.

Spear Thistles attract many insects

A beautiful Green-veined White Butterfly on a Spear Thistle

Burdock are really good for Hover and other flies.

Knapweed also attracts insects, like this Red-taiuled Bumblebee visiting the Knapweed in our garden today

We have Teasels, too, which feed many insects over a period of days, as the flowers slowly open up over the Teasel-head

3 thoughts on “22nd July 2017

  1. [image1.jpeg] Hi Penny, can you see our little visitor (on the wall to the right) who came this morning and is confusing us! Obviously a young bird, very aggressive! Is it a baby starling, baby thrush ( don’t think so) or an overweight baby blackbird? Hope You can zoom in and see him/her. We got the books out and then agreed ‘ask the expert’! Hope you and Lynn are well. Loving the blog as always. Love Anna (and Vince!)

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  2. Still won’t go. What a shame. Not being a techy It’s either text or email. Won’t send by Lynns phone either. No worries, it’s the thought that counts! We have acquired an allotment so we are using our exercise times to do some digging! Very therapeutic. Hope all well with you both.
    Love Anna x

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