15th July 2017

The Banded Demoiselle– it was such a treat to watch many of this beautiful, petrol blue Damselfly along the Chesterfield Canal. On the wing from May to August this stunning insect lives on still or slow flowing waters, in England and Wales. Unmistakable, this is a large Damselfly, over 4cm long with a wingspan of her 6cm. The bronze and green coloured female lays the eggs on marginal plants under water, breathing by trapping air between its wings, while the male watches on and guards her. As with Dragonflies, the eggs hatch and the larvae live underwater for two years, predating insects, before climbing out onto a leaf or stem and emerging from the larval case, during off and flying off. Condition: Rain and cloud. Temperature: Max 20- Min 17C.

Male Banded Demoiselle

Male Banded Demoiselle

Banded Demoiselle -male

Female Banded Demoiselle


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