29th May 2017

House Martins– Traditionally, House Martins nested on cliffs, like this colony we watched on the East coast chalk cliffs recently. SInce the 19th century they predominantly build their intricate nests of mud-pellets and grass, lined with feathers, under the eaves of buildings. Damp mud is essential, and this noisy group of Martins were flying continually to and fro between a patch of mud, dripping from a spring, to their large nests on the other side of the small bay.  Mud needs to be within 300 metres, preferably  much closer. Many sites, including my mum and dad’s old house, have been abandoned, numbers have dropped and the House Martin is now, sadly, on the amber list. Conditions: A cooler, wet day. Temperature : Max 18- Min 14 C.   

House Martin on cliff nest-site

House Martin collecting mud

House Martin colony collecting mud for nests

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