28th May 2017

Gannets: I can’t really go to Bempton Cliffs, the largest mainland Gannet colony in the UK, without one feature on them. Named after the old English ‘gano’ meaning ‘strong’, the monogamous pairs, when meet up at this time of year,  go through ‘sky-pointing’ rituals (see photo’s), before mating and laying one egg. Born brown, they gradually go through varying degrees of black and white till mature at 5. At about 3, their wings are described as like ‘piano keys’– see juvenile photo. Living into their twenties, they are our largest sea-bird, and can dive from 40 metres to a depth of 22 metres, searching  for fish, squid etc. Conditions: Cloud, sun and breeze.

Gannets- sky-pointing

Immature Gannet with ‘piano-key’ wings

Mature Gannets

Temperature: Max 20- Min 13C.

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