7th May 2017

Orange Tip Butterfly- as yesterday’s blog of Jack by the Hedge is one of this butterfly’s key caterpillar food-plants, along with Ladies Smock (Milkmaids), here is the beautiful butterfly you should be seeing in your gardens, damp hedgerows and flying higgledy-piggledy anywhere in England and Wales right now. The camouflage on both male and female’s underwing is lovely (see photo’s). Males, which have the bright orange wing-tip, hatch first. Females, lacking the orange tip, are more hidden- eggs are very hard to spot and caterpillars are cannibalistic so only one egg is laid per plant. I’ve included an illustration of the whole life-cycle I did a while ago. Conditions: Heavy cloud. Temperature: Max 15-

Orange Tip female

Min 6 c.

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