5th May 2017

Ramsons or Wild Garlic. There are two common forms of edible garlic in the UK. Today, the one increasingly turning up in recipes and restaurants, is Ramson’s, probably named from an Old Scandinavian word for “rank”, and the smell is strong. An indicator species of ancient woodland, it loves damp woodland, flowering at this time of year before the leafy canopy shuts out light. Hover flies, Butterflies and Longhorn Beetles all feed on

Ramsons, Wild Garlic, Bear’s Leek

Ramsons, where they love to grow- damp woodlands


and pollinate them. They were used medicinally for a range of ailments, including rheumatism. It’s Latin name, and some of its common names (e.g. Bear’s leek) either refers to the fact that brown bears love eating them, or that it is locally common, much as dog is used for wild flowers that are common e.g. ‘Dog rose’. TKe your pick!  Conditions: Cloudy and cool for time of year (in Sussex anyway). Temperature: Max 11- Min 8 c.


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