14th April 2017

Tawny Mining Bee- April is the best time to spot this harmless solitary Bee- in lawns, flower-beds, gardens, parks and farmland. Little ‘volcanoes’ of mud appear for a couple of weeks (see photo).The female, which mines the nest, and lays a single egg in each of the underground chambers, also gathers all the pollen and nectar for the young, before sealing the nest. She is a beautiful, fluffy ginger bee and is a great

Tawny Mining Bee- female, flying

Tawny Mining Bee nest

Tawny Mining Bee

Tawny Mining Bee- female

pollinator of fruit trees and early flowering crops like Rape-seed. The male is smaller, and has a pale tuft of hairs on its face. The young hatch the following spring. Leave the nests, if you find them- one of many species of solitary bees, these do only good in our gardens. Conditions: Cloudy, with light showers. Temperature: Max 12- Min 6C.

Male Tawny Mining Bee


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