5th April 2017

Bees and insects masquerading as Bees: The garden is apparently alive with Bees right now, but many are Bee and Wasp mimics, so look carefully. Every garden I’ve been in over the last two weeks has this fascinating, ginger, fluffy Bee Fly, with its long proboscis and long legs, and black and transparent patterned wings hovering high

Bee Fly- warming up in the sun- note its long proboscis

Bee Fly- long-legged, and fluffy bodied

Bee Fly- note its distinctive, patterned wings

and flying low. Once you tune in, Bee Flies are easy to spot and fascinating- they are searching out the nest holes of Bumblebees. They will then do a fly-past and shoot an egg into the nest-hole, where the egg will eventually hatch and parasitise the Bumblebee young. All this under our noses! If you look on Friends of the Earth’s website, you can also sign up to do a Bee count in May- really important information with most bees struggling at present. Conditions: Cloudy and cool. Temperature: Max 11- Min 7C.


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