23rd March 2017

Telling Frogs and Toads apart- I promised help with this so here it is: Toads are warty and drier skinned, Frogs smoother and longer-legged. On average, Toads are larger. Toads walk, Frogs hop. The most obvious thing is their eyes- Toads have a horizontal-slit eye (see photo’s). Toads have bulges on the backs of their head, called Paratoid glands. They exude an unpleasant substance from their skin which deters some predators, and they seldom get back in the water after breeding. Frogs will get in in hot weather and daylight.  Toads hide away in dark hollows during the day, coming out at dusk to feed. They are both brilliant at eating slugs! Conditions: Windy, with bright spells. Temperature: Max 11- Min 7C.



Toad- horizontal slit eye

Frog’s eye- wider pupil

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