21st March 2017

Common Toads, rejoicing under the Latin name Bufo Bufo, seldom appear in our garden nowadays but in Monyash (White Peak) they have notices up asking people to take care not to drive over the many Toads walking their yearly route back to the village pond, to mate. They mate slightly later than Frogs, but like frogs, the smaller male (on average up to 8cm) use what is known as the ‘amplexus hold’ to gr[p the larger female (up to 13cm) during mating. Wartier than Frogs, with a horizontally-split eye, I will do a direct comparison another day. The spawn, yet to appear, is laid in a lace, not a ‘blobby mass

Toad, Monyash Village Pond

Toads, mating , Monyash Village Pond

Toad, Monyash Village Pond

‘ like that of the Frog.- on my trip south from tomorrow I will try to seek out some spawn for another blog. Conditions: Sunny, breezy following wild and wet weather. Temperature: Max 8- Min 4c.

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