18th March 2017

There’s lots of great spring activity at present– birds of many species chasing in two’s, three’s, four’s, trying to win mates, pair bonding by much tail and wing-flicking and by males beginning to token-feed females. Dunnocks are trying to build a nest. Females build the nest, often in hedges or bushes, near the ground,– this one is trying to carry increasingly long twigs and old plant stems into a dense box hedge! Dunnocks seldom just pair up, but two or more males usually mate with one or more females- four have been tearing round the garden jostling for centrality here. Conditions: The calm before the rain and wind. Temperature: Max 12- Min 10C

Female Dunnock struggling with a bunch of twigs for nesting

This long straw just wouldn’t go into the dense hedge

The twigs got longer and longer!


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