1st February 2017

Scots Pine– one of only 3 native UK conifers, this pine was the first to recolonise after the Ice Age. It can live to 700 years old. The once widespread Caledonian Forest is only a remnant of its former self, but is a priority habitat under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The wood has been used for centuries for many things- ship-masts, furniture, resin, tar and turpentine. All pines have these tough long needles in bunches. The Scots Pine has three years of cones on the tree at any one time, and sustains a wide variety of wildlife even when planted, like these, more recently img_9420

Scots Pine- young cones

Scots Pine- young cones

Scots Pine

Scots Pine

Scots Pine bark

Scots Pine bark

in gardens and Parks. Conditions: Almost continual rain and cloud in Sussex over these few days. Temperature: Max 9- Min 8C.

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