14th September 2016

Green-Veined White Butterflies are one of the most common and widespread of our butterflies, but, indicative of the poor year this has been for so many butterfly species, this one, (yesterday in the garden), is the first I have seen anywhere all year. Beautiful, and often mistaken for a Small (‘Cabbage’) White, these do not damage brassicas and they are beautiful, at rest. The veins are not actually green but an optical illusion caused by yellow scales overlaying black. Conditions: Very hot again after a storm last night! Temperature: Max 25- Min 16c.

A second, 'summer brood' Green-Veined White

A second, ‘summer brood’ Green-Veined White. Green-Veined have several, varying numbers of black spots

Green-Veined White

Green-Veined White

Female Green-veined white.

Female Green-veined white.

Green Veined White

Green Veined White- the veining can fade and vary

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