6th August 2016

Dragonfly eyes, (here’s a Common Darter at Potteric Carr this week) have recently been shown to contain 11-30 different colour sensitive proteins, (opsins) compared to our 3. They can see ultraviolet light, polarised light and far more intense colour-ranges than we can. With up to 30,000 facets Dragonflies have the largest compact eyes of the insect world and, with eyes wrapped round their heads, can see in all directions at the same time. No wonder their flying displays are so breathtaking. Common Darters may visit your garden pond or garden to hunt- if so, be amazed! Conditions: Wonderful sunny day day south- just right for Catsfield Flower Show. Temperature: Max 21- Min 16C

Common Darter

Common Darter

Common Darter eyes

Common Darter eyes



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