31st July 2016

Ringlet Butterfly- carrying on looking at the Brown family of butterflies. The Ringlet can appear like a male Meadow Brown from a distance but closer-to is easily distinguished by the pale wing-edge and the rings on fore and hind wings. These velvety-chocolate brown butterflies, being dark in colour, absorb heat better and so are one of the few butterflies which can fly in duller weather. They feed on Knapweed, Bramble and other mid-summer flowers. I saw some today at the lovely Potteric Carr nature reserve. Sandwiched between retail parks, the M18 and major rail routes this Wildlife Trust reserve  near Doncaster is a wonderful mix of woodland, scrapes, scrub, meadows and pools. Conditions: Sunny and cloudy with a breeze. Temperature: Max 20- Min 13C.

Ringlet feeding on Bramble

Ringlet feeding on Bramble

Ringlet basking

Ringlet basking

Ringlet feeding on Knapweed

Ringlet feeding on Knapweed


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