23rd June 2016

Peregrines, in their fifth year of nesting in Catsfield, Sussex.  In the 1938 ‘A History of Sussex Birds’, John Walpole-Bond says: ‘When I first started searching Sussex systematically, seven pairs of Falcons held sway on our sea bastions’ but he knew persecution from gamekeepers was already taking it’s toll, being ‘almost a mania’. He added that ‘even today [1938], despite less game-worship. a good many Peregrines come to an untimely end’. As we know in Sheffield, with the nest on St George’s Church, Peregrines are making a comeback and finding new nesting sites in addition to cliffs, showing a 40% expansion in their breeding range since the greater protection of such species, hence them appearing here. Conditions: Torrential rain and hours of thunder overnight in East Sussex, easing later. Temperature: Max 22 Min14C.

Adult Peregrine calls it's young

Adult Peregrine calls it’s young

Adult Peregrine

Adult Peregrine





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