22nd June 2016

Hoverflies– harmless and very helpful pest controllers and pollinators. There are over 200 species in the UK and many are hard to identity, but you can always tell a hoverfly because they have only one pair of wings and the vein in the wing does not reach the edge, as you can see in these photo’s. Here are two species which are less often noticed than the wasp mimics which frequent gardens. The White-banded Hoverfly, Leucozona Lucorum, is a bee mimic that appears in spring and early summer. The other I can’t identify…yet! It may be another Leucozona. Conditions: Mist clearing to sun. Temperature: Max 21- min 17C.IMG_1267IMG_1264IMG_1781

Leucozona Lucoma- White-banded Hoverfly

Leucozona Lucorum- White-banded Hoverfly

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