16th May 2016

Great Tit 2016_0006

Great Tit upends in nest to present decal sac for adult to take away, to keep the nest clean

Great Tits– a photo summary of the Great Tits in our nest box. Great Tits are the most studied bird in the world, and quite likely to use a nest-box, though they tend to raise smaller numbers of chicks in a garden box than in their natural habitat of deciduous woodland. Caterpillars from Oaks normally provide the majority of their diet. Five chicks would need about 5,000 caterpillars to successfully grow and fledge, and a worrying number of feeds are nor caterpillars, so we will wait to see if they all thrive. Due to global warming, the coincidence of Great and Blue Tit births with the emergence of Oak Tortrix caterpillars is becoming less reliable. Conditions Sun and cloud, with a cool breeze. Temperature: Max 18- Min 10c.Great Tit 3.4.16b Great Tit 12.5.16d Great Tit 2016_0037

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