7th May 2016

Bearded Tits- possibly the most mis-named UK bird, being neither a Tit nor having a beard, this beautiful, elusive reed-bed bird can sometimes be located by its ‘ping’ call. This year at Minsmere I at last got some shots, and if you watch Springwatch from that location later in the month they will doubtless show these lovely birds. They nest low down in dense reeds but their long tails and cinnamon colour make them identifiable when they flit from one patch of reeds to another. The male has wonderful black ‘moustaches’ and both male and female cling to swaying reeds with great agility. Badly affected by cold IMG_0063IMG_0060 IMG_0068

Female Bearded Tit

Female Bearded Tit

winters they have fared quite well this year. Conditions: Light cloud and very warm days. Temperature: Max 19- Min 13c..

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