5th May 2016

Roe Deer- well, although we aren’t experts on Deer id we

Roe Deer Buck

Roe Deer Buck

Roe Deer Buck

Roe Deer Buck

Roe Deer Buck

Roe Deer Buck

think this is a (male) Roe Deer, seen recently at the wonderful Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire. Grey/fawn in winter they become redder in summer. The males have small antlers and become territorial; around this time of year. Extinct in England in the 18th century they clung on in Scotland and, since being reintroduced, is now becoming rather overcrowded in some woodlands, which is why they can be increasingly see on scrub-land like this. Their white rump expands when excited or alarmed. They have a black moustache and white chin, as seen in the photos. Conditions: A warm and blue-skied day. Temperature: Max 16- Min 9c.


2 thoughts on “5th May 2016

  1. We have Roe deer around our village, Durley in Hampshire. I have noticed lately that they are coming closer to human habitation. I saw one 5 the May at 8.30 pm, he or she was in a tiny piece of disused land close to the lane.


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