16th April 2016

Dandelions are everywhere and are great for insects. 93 species of insects are known to visit them for their plentiful supply of pollen and nectar, and the length of flowering means they nourish from early spring to late autumn. There are many bright yellow flowers in spring, but this isn’t the way insects see them, as the photo ‘borrowed from the internet’, shows. Of course, birds also love the seeds. The latex in Dandelion roots deters insect predation and, of course, their deep roots and ability to grow fresh plants from a tiny piece left in the ground, makes them really hard for us gardening human predators, too. They are used medicinally,  and people have long made wine from them, though

Seeding Dandelion

Seeding Dandelion

, which I suppose compensates. Conditions: Cool northerly breeze, sunshine and hail showers. Temperature: Max 8- min 1c.



Insect-eye view of Dandelion

Insect-eye view of Dandelion

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