22nd December 2015

Goldcrests- Travelling down south again soon so this may be the last post for a few days. We have been seeing these wonderful, tiny birds a little this winter. Weighing the same as a 20p coin, no-one believed in the past that they were capable of flying here on their own. They were known as Woodcock Pilots, as people thought they hitched a ride on the backs of Woodcock! Not only are they our smallest bird but their song is so high-pitched many people simply can’t hear it. We should be getting many migrant Goldcrests from Scandinavia this time of year but this is proving such a mild winter (worryingly, in some parts of the UK the winter solstice temperatures are predicted to be the same as this June’s summer solstice), with south and westerly winds predominating, that we have less migrants of al sorts so far. Conditions: Wet and gusty and grey. Temperature: Max 13- Min 5c.

Gold crest

Gold crest

p.birds.13 420

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