15th November 2015

Blackbird populations- in September and October Blackbirds tend to be less frequent visitors to our gardens, partly as they are moulting and hide more, partly because they are feeding more on berries in the wild. Now we have many again, feeding up or winter, especially on the Rowan. Most of our Blackbirds will stay put, some migrate further south and many will migrate into the uk from continental Europe and Scandinavia, travelling at night. The males from abroad have darker beaks– we haven’t had them here yet but more females migrate here than males, because males are more territorial. This may explain why we have so many more female Blackbirds, with their lovely mottled brown chests, than males at present. Conditions: Mild, with rain coming in. Temperature: Max 15- Min 8c.

Female Blackbird feeding on the Rowan

Female Blackbird feeding on the Rowan


Male Blackbird feeding on bRowan

Male Blackbird feeding on Rowan


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