3rd July 2015

Mosquitoes- since I am suffering from their bites at the moment, I thought I’d cover these insects. I had no idea that there are 30 different types of Mosquito in the UK! The larvae feed on  tiny organic particles in water and the adults feed on your and my blood- females need a feast of blood before they can lay their eggs so there must be loads laying eggs in the garden right now. There are several other similar looking, non-biting insects but all Mosquitoes have long probosces, and fold their wings when at rest. The males have bushy antennae (see one of the photo’s). They are attracted to us by detecting the carbon dioxide we breathe out, so there’s no hiding place. Conditions: Another hot day but relieved by a breeze. Rain due after mid



night. Temperature: Max 24- Min 14c.

Male mosquito showing its

Male mosquito showing its bushy antennae



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